Astrology Classes


Intermediate and Advanced

For those with a background in astrology I offer a few options of on-going learning:

- The Practising Astrologer

This course of six monthly classes will provide a supportive yet empowering learning environment for those newly in practice or those wanting to get out and start reading others' charts - whether those of family or friends or even clients - with confidence, clarity and perception. Students will be encouraged to work with a client, and supervision will be an integral part of the class. The is a two-hour monthly class on Wednesday evenings at the Astrology Centre in Wellington, 5-7pm, starting on 13th June. Cost: $240.

- Study Groups

Held largely 4-weekly over four Saturday mornings 9:00am - 12:00pm, these are themed classes in which students deepen their knowledge and practical application of a particular branch of astrology. Each costs $240 for the four classes. This year I am offering the following two:

  1. 1.Forecasting, starting 18th May 2013, hones your skills with transits, progressions and directions - using astrology to predict;

  2. 2.Horary Study Group, starting 31st August 2013. This is an introduction to divinatory astrology: the use of astrology to answer specific questions. Click here for more information.

- Workshops

See list of workshops at left under ‘Beginners’

For other opportunities to learn astrology see my ‘Talks & Seminars’ page.


Open to all, including beginners, these one-off workshops are held mostly on weekends. They allow more time to explore a theme, a technique or a specific branch of astrology. In 2014 I am running the following:

1. Chart Calculation: calculate and draw up a horoscope all by yourself. This will be using planetary tables, doing all the calculations and then drawing up a clear and beautiful chart. This will be taught over two Saturday afternoons, 3rd and 10th May 2014. The cost is $120 for both days. Click here for more information.

There may be other workshops be offered throughout 2014.


For those completely or fairly new to astrology:

  1. A short introductory course: The 6-week Universal Awakenings: a Journey of Self-Discovery explores central themes such as love and relationship, career, and finances through the lens your own birth chart. This popular course is a great way to get a significant taste of astrology, deepen your understanding of yourself and others, and make friends quickly. This intake may morph into a full-year course if sufficient interest. It will be taught on Monday afternoons on the Kapiti Coast, starting 12th May 2014. Click here for a flyer. Cost $195.

I teach beginners, intermediate and advanced astrology classes in Wellington and on the Kapiti coast. I offer block courses, weekly on-going classes as well as one-off workshops, seminars and lectures. I am also available for individual tuition.

I am the Diploma tutor for the international distance learning Mayo School of Astrology based in the UK and am also tutoring on the on-line correspondence astrology course through the International Academy of Astrology. This is a professional training in psychological astrology with both first year and second year streams. My fellow tutors include Melanie Reinhart (UK), Lynn Bell (France), Brian Clarke (Australia) and Margaret Gray (USA). Click here for more information about this exciting new course.

In 2014 I will be teaching the following attendance classes:


For advanced students and practising astrologers I also run group and individual supervision. Email me for more information on this.

To book a class or for further information please contact Graham

To book a class or for further information please contact Graham


Class details to be completed shortly
Class details to be completed shortly


For those familiar with the basic building blocks of the birth chart:

  1. This is a weekly class running throughout 2014 for those wishing to consolidate their astrological knowledge and to practice putting their interpretive & intuitive skills into action. It will be taught on Tuesday mornings on the Kapiti Coast, starting 6th May 2014, but students may be able to join once the classes start. Cost $250 per 8-week term. Do get in touch if you want to discuss whether this class would be suitable for you.